What You Need To Know About Depend Exteriors

Applying outer stucco is an easy project that can be completed by any homeowner if they are willing to dirty their hands. This will save you money and any annoyance associated with any future contractor. In order to add stucco finishes to the exterior of a house, there are only four stages. This involve wall preparation, coat scratching, mortar wetting, and coat finishing. Visit us on Stucco Replacement-Depend Exteriors.

When adding exterior stucco, the first thing you need to do is to prepare the wall. Make sure that a sturdy backing is the wall you have chosen to add stucco to and not one that is not strong enough to support the stucco. Most stucco is cement, so the backing should be sufficiently durable to support it. Brush the concrete attachment first when applying stucco to concrete, stone, or block. Enable the attachment to dry completely. Apply the stucco to the wall then. If you apply stucco to a wood wall, you would need to use the roofing felt, netting and scratching coat to apply it.

You will scratch the first coat after adding external stucco to the concrete bond. Do not start scratching on a wall and move to another place afterwards. When one wall is started, make sure to complete it. A plasterer’s rake is the perfect instrument to use for scratching stucco finishes. Make sure to scrape the surface of the mortar at a depth of around 1 out of 8 of an inch. It’s best to run the tool along the stucco surface in long lines.

The surface of the stucco on the house should remain wet. Slow and damp curing can provide the most longevity, as with any form of concrete or mortar product. This coat requires a minimum of 36 hours to heal, but it can take up to 48 hours. Misting it with a garden hose is the only way to avoid the stuff moist in the building. If it’s hot outside, you will need more stucco mist than you would on a cooler day.

When applying exterior stucco, you need to add a finishing coat. Some individuals use just one coat, but it is better to add a finishing coat. Using a flat trowel and add up to 1 by 4 inch of coat while applying the finishing coat. If you are painting stucco or would like to add powdered pigment, add the pigment to the side of the house before adding the stucco. Be sure that the texture you want to add entirely throughout the region is done. Enable several days to cure the stucco and periodically spray the surface to allow the curing process to slow down. The final touches of the stucco finish involve caulking around doors and window edges to be applied. If you are going to paint the stucco, then you can wait up to six weeks before adding it to the concrete.