Top 7 Benefits of a Yard Management System

Many organizations move over manual processes to a cloud-based (or web-based) yard-management software. The Yard Control App allows yard managers to provide details about trucks and trailers in the yard in real time and thereby enables them to effectively carry out orders. The YMS tracks all facets of the yard service with one aim in mind every single moment of the day; through efficiencies and streamlining operations. Alerts are issued forthwith to the correct staff to defend against detention costs, outdated supplies, untimely shipments / deliveries and myriad other possible issues. Many citizens are ignorant of the numerous benefits of installing a YMS at their yard. Click here to know more.

The top 7 benefits of a state-of-the-art yard management system: • Prioritize shipment: view all trailers and vehicles in real time at their precise position. This helps in defining increasing load’s material and prioritizing it according to defined parameters. In the end, this helps to improve the efficiency of the entire system.

  • Increased throughput: For most yard managers, the number of trucks in a yard usually increases with time and thus with the correct information about the number of empty trailers sitting idle in the yard, coupled with improved dock door scheduling, allows for increased yard throughput.
  • Live load monitoring: YMS lets you manage live loads with a clear view of the products in a truck and improved gate controls. If the live load includes products out of stock then it can be redirected to an inbound dock instantly-thereby increasing efficiency.
  • Maximize spotter productivity: You absolutely do away with pen and paper with YMS and thereby improve spotter activity times. Shuttle drivers collect, approve and validate demands for travel electronically and thus therefore increasing their profitability.
  • Minimize processing charges: Often vehicles arrive with cargoes to be removed promptly or during a defined period. Failure to do that would trigger allegations of imprisonment. But it needs careful alignment and collaboration of factory systems to avoid certain charges that can be done with a Yard Control Program.
  • Optimize the usage of assets: YMS offers real-time knowledge regarding the location and dwelling hours of assets in various states. You will even learn the operating state of different facilities and thus make more effective usage of the vehicles.
  • Savings: YMS has been shown to increase efficiency in the yard by 30 percent a year. Additionally, reduced demurrage charges and reduced jail rates let you save a lot of money by incorporating a Yard Maintenance App into your yard.