The History of Alternative Medicine

A Modern Fad, or Ancient History Steeped?
You may be new to alternative medicine, or you may have already seen the incredible advantages that alternative medicine and alternative therapies can bring to your life. But are you aware of how long it has been done and where it originated? Ok, let me take you on a tour through alternative medicine’s fascinating history. If you’re looking for more tips, naturopathic remedies has it for you.
Alternative Medicine’s history is a fascinating one and has connections to many different cultures. It’s hard to tell, however, precisely when Alternative Medicine started, partially because the treatments that come under this definition were the traditional medical practices of their day until recently. But if we go back to history and trace some ways of healing that are now labeled as an alternative, we discover that their roots go back as far as 5,000 years.
From Eastern Theory to Western Alternatives that are commonly used
It is possible to trace one of the oldest types of alternative medicine back to Chinese history. In much the same way as alternative medicine is used today, the ancient Chinese based their healing on the importance of the balance of body and spirit. Much of Chinese Medicine’s philosophy is based on the concepts of Taoism and Buddhism and the belief that a person and his environment are closely interlinked. Yin and Yang’s commonly recognized concepts come from Chinese Medicine and are fundamental to its practice. Yin and Yang describe how opposing forces are important to each other and how they must be in equilibrium for balance to take place within the body. When these are out of equilibrium, disease happens.
In different ways, including herbal medicine, acupuncture, breathing and movement (Tai Chi and Qigong) and also by diet, Chinese Medicine works to restore equilibrium. To figure out where their life force or Qi (pronounced Chi) was out of control, the doctor looked at the patient’s wellbeing and life in depth. To restore the patient back to health, various approaches will then be used. The efficacy of Chinese Traditional Medicine has been such that it still forms a significant part of modern health care in the East. To be used in hospitals alongside western medicine is not uncommon for these “alternative” treatments.