The Fundamentals Of How to care for your dental health

Dental assistant is sometimes referred to as dental nurse who has taken up and graduated a dental assistant training. The assistant’s duty is to serve and assist the dentist by giving out health care to patients. The dental nurse carries out duties in the dental office. see this

The dental hygienist also assists the dentist in carrying out procedures and treatments. The hygienist is licensed and can perform treatments and procedures themselves, which a dental assistant is not allowed to perform.

The dental nurse is the one who takes the duties in the dental office. He or she is concerned of making each patient comfortable. He or she receives the patients and assists them during the treatment. He or she obtains the patients’ information, taking note of the signs and symptoms of the illnesses and diseases afflicting them, and asking them about their medical history. The dental assistant is the one in charged of sterilizing and disinfecting the equipment and instruments in the dental clinic.

The hygienist is also an assistant to the dentist. He or she performs tasks to help the dentist in certain procedures and operations. They also do the cleaning of the patient’s teeth. He or she also checks the teeth and gums of the patients and making it sure that they do not have any disease. The dental hygienist could also take and process dental x-rays and help out with the fillings. He or she also applies fluoride on the patients’ teeth after cleaning.