The Best Male Stripper Tips

This is a list of the best stripper tips I have found for beginners 1) Learn from the best as there are many occasions you can slip up, learn from seasoned people who can give you sound advice if you are going to go into this career. You’ll know your own common sense makes it good. I strongly suggest you to visit additional hints to learn more about this.

2) Choose a club where you feel safe and have the best prospects, that is to say money customers.

3) Never do anything you feel makes you uncomfortable, there are girls all over the world who earn fantastic incomes without losing their dignity.

4) Check out a few different clubs before you get to settle down on one you like. Make sure you see what other people are like and you know the grass isn’t always greener.

5) Work with the best body you can, you’ll feel super comfortable in a club and you’ll always be employed.

6) Make sure you put non-slip pads on your shoes when you’re dancing on stage, as you never want to fall.

7) Do not put any sticky / slimy creams or oils on your body that can rub off on the bar, it can cause a lot of damage to you and other people!

8) Remain respectful of management but under the radar. That is going to keep you out of trouble.

9) Make sure you have a healthy self-respect so that you can stand up for yourself and take care of a situation with clients who may be much older than you and have more experience influencing younger people.

10) Ensure that you leave the club safely and always have a cell phone charged in case you need assistance.

1) Do not lose your passion for the job, for more seasoned strippers. When you lack interest, you will make less money and take reckless risks to make things fun for you as well. Hold yourself inspired by learning new strategies and growing your own norm and creating new goals.

2) Do not get caught up with other girls working in the drama. It only leads to an awkward at-work feeling, and may cause you to shoot.

3) Do not encourage your customer to do anything illegal (i.e. drugs) because, as you should know better, it will fall on you.

4) Be polite to the new girls, you never know when they’re going to call you and get paid, you don’t even know how good they’re going to be in the future and they’re going to be good for you later.

5) Make sure you handle the customer fairly and don’t mug him off…they’ll never come back for you first and you’ll be able to get fired second.