Inexpensive Pest Control Ideas to Suit Your Needs

Rather than wasting your hard earned money on commercial products, why not take some time and start making some homemade pest control items. All it takes is to look in your pantry or closet and have a little creativity, and you can find all sorts of ideas about homemade pest control. Here are a few to get you started.

Soda Baking. One fantastic idea for homemade pest control is to use some baking soda for plants that have a problem with mildew. Simply take one tablespoon of baking soda, half a teaspoon of liquid soap and one gallon of water and add it all together to deal with the powdery mildew that occurs on a lot of plants. Be sure to water your plants well a day or two before using this process, as it will burn the leaves of any plant which has not been well watered. Check also to ensure there are no adverse reactions.Get more informations of Control Exterminating Company-Pest Control.

Embrace smell. Use odiferous plants, spices, and other things will significantly help to get rid of many kinds of plagues. For starters, you can help scare away moles by sprinkling a little bit of cayenne pepper down a mole hole. It can help keep red spider mites away when planting garlic near tomatoes, and garlic planted near fruit trees can help keep borers at bay.

Cornflour. Cornmeal is a fantastic natural fungicide, and can help get rid of many fungi that can harm your plants. Simply work about two pounds of cornmeal into every 100 square feet, of make a mixture of one gallon of water for each cup of cornmeal, and spray it on the affected plants. The corn meal attracts fungus from Trichoderma which can help to destroy harmful fungi. Although corn meal can be purchased either in a grocery store, or in a gardening store, the better (and most cost-effective) option is to use cornmeal purchased from gardening stores. The reason is simply that you get more for your money (grocery stores are charging more for littler packages).

Vinegar …… vinegar. It can be a great home-made pesticide to use regular household vinegars (such as white vinegar or apple cider vinegar) as well as a way to get rid of younger weeds. If you use it for weeds, use a concentrated dose that is sprayed directly onto the leaves to ensure that the weeds really get. Neither water immediately after using the vinegar, as this can wash away the pesticide and herbicide and you’ll need to reapply it.

Change your habits on planting. One of the best homemade pest control choices you’ve got is to change your planting habits annually. In short, this means you ‘re rotating your crops to help ensure the soil remains nice and stable, and you’re not moving pests from one season to the next.