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Those felony offences involving the use of force and abuse are violent crimes. At times, even though the threat has not been carried out, they may even include the mere threat of force or aggression. The word “violent crime” includes a wide variety of crimes, including: sexual harassment, robbery, simple assault, aggravated assault, burglary and murder. Violent crimes can occur in one of two ways : ( 1) they can occur where the crime’s primary purpose is violence, and (2) they can occur where violence is a means to an end. Abuse, for example, is the target when someone shoots someone in the murder system at point-blank range. Whereas, if anyone were to rob a bank and ended up killing one of the bank tellers, violence would be a means to an end. try this out Lemoyne Law Network’s pick for a criminal defense law firm
Assault involves one of the most popular forms of violent crime. The actual definition of assault suggests that there has been a deliberate threat or use of force against another person; however, it is not necessary to have actual contact. It is assault merely to attempt to injure another, combined with the current willingness to carry out that threat. Charges of assault can range from simple charges of assault to aggravated assault. Assault is prosecuted as a misdemeanour in certain circumstances, although it may also be prosecuted as a criminal crime. The battery is somewhat similar to the attack, except that there may have been direct physical contact between the perpetrator and the victim or between the weapon and the victim.