Skirting Boards Perth – An Intro

Before you even consider putting your skirting board down, put the boards down on something like a board and paint them to the exact finish you want (which is so much easier than laying everything out first). After you’ve done that, you should then take the next layer down and cut it (mitre and scribe), mitre, and attach the skirting board to your door frame. Make sure you have plenty of room between your door frame and the board itself. Now comes the fun part – adding the doors. To do that, you need a pair of scissors. Start by cutting all the way through the door at the bottom (just cut the top part as well) – this will leave a very wide gap for the door to open on. By clicking here we get info about Skirting Boards Perth
Take your next step and take the next skirting board over the top of the door frame. This will keep your door from getting stuck. You can even use your doorframe as a piece of hardware! Next, take one of the doors and make it slightly shorter than the doorframe itself (this will make the door open a little bit more quickly). Put the door down on top of the door frame and repeat. If you don’t have enough door length to work with, you may have to cut down the height of your doorframe – if this happens, it’ll be much easier to re-attach the door to the new skirting board.
When the paint dries, you can apply the second coat of paint to the top of the skirting board with a paint brush or sponge. You should be careful to let the paint dry without any water getting underneath the board. When it has dried completely, clean up the first coat of paint and then apply the second one. Be sure to use a brush or sponge to get into all of the corners, joints, and crevices. You should also take care to wipe the sides of the skirting board down if there’s anything in the way. before re-applying it. and always keep in mind to allow the paint to dry completely between coats.