Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is an important part of the rehabilitation process and is commonly seen during the initial stages of a patient’s recovery. Physiotherapy professionals are able to perform various types of therapies and exercises that help the body to regain strength, control the body and improve function. A physiotherapist can provide a variety of exercises and therapies for the treatment of common ailments such as fractures, spinal cord injuries, back pain and other conditions. Physiotherapy professionals can also provide specialised services for the treatment of specific injuries or illnesses. The main goal of physiotherapy is the enhancement of function in the patients so that they can return to daily life as soon as possible.Learn more about us at physiotherapy

Physiotherapy specialists often use many different types of physiotherapy equipment. One of the most popular is a stretcher, which is used to assist a patient who has experienced a serious injury or illness. A physiotherapist will apply the stretcher in a position that is comfortable for the patient and will also support the person’s upper body. In some cases a patient may need to be positioned in a standing position in order to get some benefit from the treatment. These types of equipment can sometimes be uncomfortable for the patient and this is why it is important for a physiotherapist to use soft or non-invasive techniques when treating patients in this way. The types of equipment that are used are usually adjustable so that they can be altered in order to provide the maximum benefit. Other equipment that can be used includes a manual splint, a chair lift and crutches, depending on the severity of the injury.

Physiotherapy is often recommended to those who have sustained a large amount of damage or who have had a severe accident. Many people who have undergone physiotherapy have found that this is one of the best treatments they have undergone for their injury. Physiotherapy is also used for those who have suffered an injury and cannot recover fully or who have chronic health issues. Physiotherapy professionals have been trained to offer a range of treatments to help patients overcome their condition. Many people use physiotherapy to prevent further injury and pain by reducing the impact of their injury or illness on their everyday activities. This may involve avoiding certain activities that have resulted in previous problems and/or by improving strength or movement.