Photo Essay: The Dowry of Mary Pilgrimage in Walsingham, Norfolk- Important Reminder!

Hundreds of thousands of people throng to Walsingham during the Mary Pilgrimage. It is a town with a long and glorious history, one steeped in tradition. For centuries, it has been a major tourist spot, famous for its ancient castles, which, along with being home to many important figures such as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, has also housed St Paul’s Cathedral. Walsingham Common, as it is known, is a large recreational centre that is popular with visitors who want to relax, experience the local atmosphere and engage in a wide range of cultural activities. There is also a good selection of restaurants, art galleries, and other shops that you can find in Walsingham. There are also many places for family fun at the nearby Old Walsingham Golf Course. Read more about flag.

One of the best parts of going to Walsingham is taking the Mary Pilgrimage Train. This is a great way to see the Pilgrimage and you can get up close and personal with animals. The animals come to Pilgrimage to receive Holy Communion and to be closer to Jesus. During the last few weeks of May, these animals are allowed to enter Pilgrimage by priest and take part in all of the activities. It is a wonderful chance for visitors to be close to animals and to learn about the Christian life.

Of course, one of the things that people like most about visiting Walsingham is the Great Alhambra. Built during the sixth century, it is one of the oldest palaces in the world. It was originally used by the Romans as their capital city and is open to visitors who wish to experience what medieval Spain was really like. You can tour the entire palace and take in the exhibits, or better yet book a trip on the Great Alhambra tour buses that will take you around.