Peripheral Artery Disease – Symptoms, Causes And Cure

Conventional medicinal therapies for peripheral artery disease are pharmaceutical medications that can only halt (not cure) the development of the disease and intrusive stent implantation (angioplasty) procedure, which typically gives only immediate relief. Feel free to visit their website at Vineland Peripheral Artery Disease for more details.

The Symptoms

Symptoms of peripheral artery disease may involve lack of hair over the toes and ankles, thick toenails, tight shiny skin, painful ulcers on the feet or toes that are not bleeding, and discomfort in the legs after walking a certain distance.

Causes Causes

For Peripheral Artery Disease, there are two primary causes: One is the absence of the (right kind of exercise).

In order to prevent pain or discomfort, when we mature, we gradually take the course of least resistance while conducting activities. In areas of our body where constraints and blockages typically exist that trigger PAD, the veins and arteries no longer obtain the relaxation and stretching needed to retain enough stability to enable blood to move freely.

Remember the last time you flew up in the air over the volleyball net to slam a ball and noticed a stretching pain in your legs and midsection? Fortunately, without the need of leading a youthful lifestyle, there are easy, non-stressful workouts we can do at any age that have the same benefits.

Another source of Peripheral Artery Disease is cholesterol levels that are out of control. As veins and arteries lose their elasticity, it gives the ability to build up deposits in places where the veins and arteries have not been worked and for a long period of time have been inactive. This is where the limitations and blockages that lead the lower extremities to have less blood flow exist.

Cure Cure

Present traditional peripheral artery disease surgical therapies will not heal the disease or merely alleviate the effects. Prescription medicines will do nothing more than stall the development of the condition, and only immediate relief can be given by the surgical alternatives. The rationale for this is that both interventions are merely meant to alleviate the effects, and not the source.

The best way to truly treat Peripheral Artery Disease is to take advantage of Mother Nature’s natural treatments and conduct basic workouts targeting the areas of the body where there are limitations and blockages.

This material would not be provided to you by physicians, even though they use it themselves because they practice in natural medicine. The opioid company has so much control on the medical industry, and politicians, that they can risk their permission to practice medicine if they administer a natural medication.