Nuvet Plus Dog Vitamin Ingredients

Nuvet Plus is a popular dog vitamin brand which uses an all-natural formula to help cure several common dog ailments. The multivitamin dog requires more than 35 natural ingredients, but there are five ingredients which should be the most popular. The top five ingredients are mentioned and discussed below Alfalfa-This includes a large quantity of vitamins, minerals and proteins besides chlorophyll which is an antioxidant which can serve the role of herbal arthritis therapy in dogs. Dr. Pitcairn said every dog afflicted with arthritis would be provided about 1 teaspoon and 3 tablespoons of alfalfa as part of their routine daily meals everywhere. The precise dose that will be given would depend on the dog’s weight.Get more Liquid Vitamins for Dogs

Cat’s paw-This can be located in a vine usually seen in the woods of the Amazons. Tradition notes that this has been used to treat Inca-age arthritis. Many people who have suffered from osteoarthritis have been offered the cat’s claw and have said they have experienced a great deal of relief since. But the real relation to treating dog arthritis has yet to be confirmed.
Evening primrose oil-Gamma linoleic acid present in primrose oil at night can go a long way against arthritis even in pets. For this reason a daily supply of 540 mg of linoleic acid is needed on a regular basis. A tiny dog requires 500 milligrams of linoleic acid once a day, while a larger dog wants 500 mg twice a day.
Pine Bark — Pycnogenol derived from the pine bark may include bioflavonoids that tend to reduce the swelling normally associated with arthritis.