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In their lives, some very rich people have never purchased a new car. What’s the point of paying thousands extra for a few fewer miles with so many super-low-mile used cars out there?And there are others who, irrespective of their financial condition, refuse to buy used. They would rather buy a brand-new beater than get into a car of high quality that someone else has behind the wheel. Click Honda Shuttle in Singapore,

When all is said and done, when choosing between new and used vehicles, it always comes down to personality and priorities. The 20/20 rule applies: 20 % of individuals will never purchase new ones, and 20 % of individuals will never purchase used ones. This article is for you for the other 60 percent.

ChoosingThe choice factor goes hands down to new vehicles, between huge dealer inventories, the option of dealers trading and getting in a vehicle from another dealer, and custom ordering becoming more common.It is certainly possible for common vehicles to find a used car. The internet makes it easy for someone to search for the perfect used car around the corner or around the country. Yet, there’s nothing compared to the latest options available.

Even in today’s ultra-competitive new vehicle market where Invoice has replaced MSRP as the starting mark for price negotiations, the moment it reaches the driveway, a car still loses 10 percent -20 percent or more of its value.A year or two old Low Mile used cars can be significantly less costly than their brand-new equivalent. Honda, for example, appears to lose less from the top because they rarely have rebates and their credibility is very high. There are exceptions. In addition to the few exceptions, a used car is typically significantly cheaper than a new one.

The interest rate is a challenge for 95% of those who borrow money and make car payments. For the lender, new vehicles are less of a gamble, because their bank rates are lower than they are on a used vehicle. With 0 percent funding available on most vehicles at some point after their release, the producer loan divisions make it much more enticing to buy new ones.