Means of Using Carpet Cleaner

You can rent carpet washing machines from home improvement stores or grocery stores, and they come with a cleaning solution and a scrubber on the bottom side. Find out why it’s important to open the windows and turn the fans on after using a carpet cleaner in this free video about carpet cleaning and housekeeping tips with help from a professional house cleaner. Learn more by visiting Haywards Heath Carpet Cleaning Company.

Remove all furniture from the house, and thoroughly vacuum the carpet to remove all dirt from the floor.

Disconnect the plastic tank holding the liquid cleaner, or shampoo. This could involve the removal of a metal bail that fits above the tank top. Instructions to empty the tank shall be written on the rental equipment in big letters.

Carpet Process Cleaner

Pre-mix the proposed green carpet cleaning liquid according to bottle dilution rate. Apply the carpet cleaning solution (pre-mixed) to the carpet area (not more than 1 room at a time or total area of approximately 250 sq. ft. This will help prevent ‘over-wetting’ which increases drying time and may result in ‘browning or wicking.’ Most carpet types can be cleaned using 1 gallon of pre-mix to cover approx. 200 sq. ft.) Please note: Do not soak or over-saturate the duri area of the carpet

Read all instructions that came with the cleaning machine and on the carpet cleaner bottle. Meet all child and pet limitations or precautions

Mix in tank directly the specified amount of cleaner and water. For many cleaning machines a full tank of water is 1 cup of cleaner.

Return the tank to the pump, remove the cap and keep the tank safe. Securing the tank often means substituting a metal bail above its top.

Turn on the power switch at the machine. Find now the switch or lever that activates the hose to directly spray hot cleaning solution onto the carpet. Click this button or keep the lever down, and drive the unit gradually over a carpet area of 4-by-4 feet.

Remove the lever that dispenses the cleaner, and then slowly run the machine over the area you just sprayed the solvent on, allowing the machine to collect as much substance and dirt as possible from the carpet. It is safest if you move the pump towards you when the solution and soil are being collected.