Legalize Cannabis Hemp

“Marijuana is the most violence -causing drug in the history of MANKIND.”Marijuana is the most violent drug in MANKIND’s history.Have a look at dispensary near me for more info on this.

SERIOUSLY! Truly! I can testify easily by saying that this is an enormous line of CRAP Garbage that I’ve ever read. While I myself always revolved around ALCOHOL with many bad life experiences, you were not the Alcohol drinker myself. I have also seen a lot of horrible stuff and also been in awful circumstances.

Since it’s not good and will not help anybody, I’m not going to get into any information. I still say that what does not destroy us strengthens us. Getting over some stuff takes time, but we suck it up and move on.

The only concern we have here is that cannabis/hemp is not LEGALIZED, and for several reasons, it should be damn fine!

ALCOHOL, prescription medication and anything that requires vast sums of money are all the only crimes I know of!

When I was a friend’s teen and I was at her boyfriends house and within a few minutes of being there a few men came in with guns, he had Cannabis/Hemp, of course we froze but managed to get out. My point is that the whole situation I just explained to you was all about MONEY!!! It wasn’t the weed that made them nuts, and it was the money that they wanted to commit the crime.

It doesn’t make them any different from the big heads that feed you the drugs “LEGAL” Does it? NO. We would have far less problems today if Cannabis were LEGALIZED.

Kids, parents, siblings, but not Cannabis from Alcohol, are killed every day. Every second, there are beatings, robbery, murder and suicides, not from cannabis but from ALCOHOL again!

I will assure you right now that I am not a cannabis smoker myself but what I do know is that Cannabis/Hemp cures us all and can be used for many many things. There are so many things that are hidden or you might not even care and that’s okay.

So I invite you to join me today in the battle to legalize Cannabis/Hemp and I will also help you gain a residual income while we are battling to legalize it!