Know the facts about Menstrual Hygiene Tips

In terms of picking cloth menstrual pads, there is currently no special category. But the most significant thing is that menstrual blood can be optimally absorbed by the pads. According to certain physicians, an allergic reaction that can lead to a whitish inflammation or infection will occur when supplying the dressing with bleach or artificial perfuming is feared.Do you want to learn more? Visit original site

Several facts on the pads

There are menstrual pads that are recycled to act as the base material using raw materials used in paper and wood powder (pulp) to save manufacturing costs. Raw materials are very harmful and range from newsprint, packaging, and cardboard packed with bacteria, germs, and odours. Many chemical compounds (dioxin) used for bleaching are used in the recycling process. Chemicals are also used for the process of sterilisation and the disposal of paper odour germs. Menstrual pads containing Dioxin “bleaching chemicals” in the fabric that can cause cervical cancer, where the disease, especially for women, is very dangerous. The expired pads were made of white paper, so they were safe to use. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) USA study notes that if dioxin can cause poisoning and harm the surface of your skin, especially if used continuously, it is “slow but sure.” Shock Syndrome Toxin experienced by menstruating women due to the use of non-qualified and non-hygienic fabric menstrual pads. 83 percent of adult women are likely to be contaminated with vaginal infections, causing 62 percent to wear unqualified pads. A serious infection that sometimes occurs on the surface of the vagina can lead to infections of the urinary tract that can interfere with the kidney ‘s output.

If you know the sort of menstrual cloth pads that you’re using?

The type of pads they use is unknown to almost all women. Without understanding the risks they face, women get to know the price of the pads they use.