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Throughout the country, employers continue to conduct drug tests that test the five most commonly abused categories of drugs, including marijuana. It is up to the employer to deal with the issue if an employee tests positively on a drug test. The employer has the right to fire the employee immediately or to warn the employee that breaking the drug-free policy of the company will not be tolerated. In this scenario, at a later date, the employee will be checked again. For the worker, it is a second opportunity to have a urine sample free of evidence of the use of marijuana. Do you want to learn more? Visit CBD American Shaman Grand Prairie, TX. Employees are typically handled the same as a worker who is using marijuana illegally in states where medical marijuana is legal. Employees may be dismissed even with a medical warning from a physician.

The job of an employee would definitely suffer if the employee is high and has used marijuana at work. Employment and use of drugs just don’t go together. Job needs mental and physical commitment, and drugs of any kind hamper these efforts. If an employee takes Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, or other prescription medications that cause excessive drowsiness, an employer would usually not allow this employee to continue on the job site. Especially those in a work environment which is sensitive to safety. The employee will be sent home and told to come back with an excuse from a doctor. Why does an employer have to tolerate a marijuana employee who is high at work because they would never let an employee who was impaired by legal drugs stay on the job to treat a condition?

Its use must be done privately in states where marijuana is legal, such as Colorado or California. Whether or not they have a marijuana card documenting that they are a medical marijuana user, a person smoking marijuana in public may be arrested and face gaol time. For medical purposes, would this grant an employee the right to go into the bathroom or out to the parking lot to smoke marijuana?

Drug tests will classify employees who use marijuana, and it is the right of employers to recognise this. Marijuana is illegal under federal law and in states that have legal medicinal use, the drug free occupational policy of an employer takes priority over the medical marijuana card of a worker. If the drug occurs in a random drug test, every employee, including those for medical purposes, may be fired immediately.

The Random Drug Test is the easiest way for companies to keep drugs free for their company. Depending on how big a user the employee is, marijuana will show up in a drug test for seven to 30 days after its use. Random monitoring, through proper use of pre-employment drug monitoring and random drug screening, will prevent marijuana use on the job. Despite the wide number of items on the market attempting to do this, there is no effective way to wash the use of marijuana from the body in a short period of time.