Know About Christmas Light Installation

The Holiday Decorating and Lighting industry is one industry that has witnessed a whopping 800 percent growth rate over the 6 year period. Commercial business owners, professionals and residential homeowners spend over 200 million dollars every holiday season to obtain this service, based on industry sources. Have a look at Dallas Christmas Light Installers.

And a business in Christmas light installation, despite being still in its infancy stage, can be the perfect additional business opportunity that many people want during the winter months as outdoor work usually comes to a standstill then.

Usually, once Halloween is over, individuals start putting up lights in homes and businesses. Late October is the time when you begin to get orders and decorate yourself. January is when you will stop working and bring down lights for the homes for which you have them installed.

For people who work seasonally, such as window cleaners, painters, pool services workers, fencing company workers, landscapers, roofers, construction workers, florists etc, a Christmas light installation business can be the a very profitable add-on business. There is low risk involved while starting up such a business because there are low overheads and your existing customer base and work crew can be used.

During a 6 to 8 week session, an average company in this field can earn more than $ 1000 a single day.