Is It Easy To Open Up A Marijuana Dispensary?

People that are interested in opening up a cannabis dispensary often have a few things to consider before they make any decisions. One of those things is how to handle the business while maintaining their personal life as normal. Many individuals find it difficult to manage their business and maintain their life at the same time, so it can take some getting used to. Others find it hard because they have had some experiences with the law. Checkout Cannasseur Pueblo West for more info.

Marijuana possession is illegal. The penalties for a first offense can be quite stiff. For this reason, the government tries to enforce a harsh set of rules that many people find difficult to adhere to. Many people who are caught in possession of small amounts of marijuana or even an ounce can be put in jail for several months or years. There are also fines that are involved and it can cost upwards of thousands of dollars to pay a lawyer. Many people simply refuse to pay these large fines or face losing their home or other possessions.

There is one part of the federal law that many people find to be very difficult to follow. Marijuana possession is a state law and the laws of both states vary widely when it comes to enforcement. This means that people who are caught in possession of small amounts of marijuana or even an ounce can be fined or receive time in jail. This has made it harder for people who live in areas where marijuana is illegal to open up a marijuana dispensary. Many of the regulations that have been placed on these stores limit what these businesses can do and many of these regulations include closing the store early, having employees work outside the store and not being able to distribute the product outside of the store.