How to Waterproof Your Basement the Right Way

Every year thousands of people use the Internet to try to figure out how their basements can be waterproof without paying a lot of money. And while trying to accomplish such a potentially expensive job as cheaply as possible is a good idea, Smart Foundation Systems waterproofing in the basement is one task that is not designed for cutting corners. If you’re not going to do it the right way, then you shouldn’t do it anyway.

But waterproofing the cellar doesn’t always have to be a budget buster. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find out how the inner side of your basement walls can be waterproof; there are plenty of waterproof paints, sealants and mold-resistant materials that are easy to use and cheap to buy.

It’s your home’s external base which can present real problems for the homeowner who wants to practice waterproofing DIY. You need to excavate— and that means expensive equipment that can only be controlled by trained professionals to get down to the footer drain tiles that cover your foundation and transfer water away from your basement.

Repairing and remodeling the inside of your basement is a good thing to do and can make your house look fantastic but it doesn’t take care of the underlying issue of broken or blocked footer drains. If the device that transfers excess water away from your home is impaired, then fixing or removing the drains is the only solution.

Understanding how to waterproof a basement means accepting the fact that it is better sometimes to rely on the expertise of a professional contractor with field or waterproofing experience. Taking risks on your home base is not a good move, because if your waterproofing is done the wrong way, it may end up costing you even more.