Home Warranty – Some Information

What is a guaranteed home? It is a one-year service contract that helps protect homeowners from spending on unexpected replacement and repairs on major home systems and breakdown appliances that are not covered by homeowner insurance.Do you want to learn more? Visit Home Warranty.

Warranties became more popular because they provide immediate protection after home purchase. Also this type of guarantee covers structural and other defects of a new home or resale. Some warranties may have specific exclusions and limits that complicate the policy, unless the defect poses a threat to the safety of the household family.

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to buy home warranty:

  1. For a seller, listing the home with warranty might be the concession that draws the buyer to the home rather than to one who has no home warranty.
  2. It provides a provision to sellers to have coverage on their home during the period of sale. This is a big benefit for a seller when there are unexpected breakdowns on warranted items.
  3. For the homebuyer, their home inspection could mean an extra insurance. A knowledgeable buyer will understand that mechanical surprises can be offset by a vendor providing a warranty before closing.
  4. Home warranties accompany home inspections. It can lessen the homeowner’s chance of future stress.
  5. It covers up to a year, and can be renewed. It covers some of a home ‘s components and additional coverage can be obtained for your water heaters, appliances, electrical , plumbing, pools, heating and air, wells and roofs.

In case something requires replacement or repair, a homeowner can save thousands of dollars by simply paying a small service fee. Many insurance firms sell home warranty. It’s important to ask many questions including deductibles when shopping for the best one for you.

These days, the cost of living in a newly acquired home could cause enough worry about breakdowns and mechanical problems without the added stress on unforeseen issues. Investing in a home warranty is indeed one of the wisest decisions you’ll make about your property. The cost can be quite staggering when the plumbing or heating system is failing. No one wants to face costly bills on sudden repair when he moves into a new home. With a home warranty this worry can be eliminated. In your transaction, you ‘d want things to go smoothly when selling your home. A warranty could protect you and increase your sales chances. This will not only give you peace of mind but also make you feel good with the knowledge that you also provide maximum protection for the new home owner.