Home Saunas

In reality it is so common to take a sauna in Finland that the amount of saunas in the nation is approximately equivalent to the total population. Visit us on Neosauna.

Who can get a sauna in their home?

While once deemed a luxurious investment, the home sauna is now very inexpensive and can come in a range of shapes and sizes and with a number of different heater or stove choices. An ex-bedroom, attic, office or shed can be equipped with a sauna kit.

Prices often start in the “very inexpensive” category for the cheaper sets, enabling a wide degree of personalization and flexibility in the space they suit.

Such saunas are provided as either “stock” sauna kits or “prefabricated” sauna kits, and can be installed from 3 or 4 days down to 2 or 3 hours in everything.

Sauna Forms Package A home sauna package may take the form of either a sauna space fitted with benches and a furnace, i.e. a material package, or a full concrete sauna with walls and even a roof and an outside patio area, i.e. a prefab sauna collection.

Prefab saunas are bought in near-completely completed condition and take just one or two hours to place and complete. Inside a house they can fit into a bed, or they may take the shape of a log cabin in a garden or back yard.

Material sauna packages contain little other than the raw materials used to create a sauna, which need a reasonable degree of DIY (Do It Yourself) assembly which fitting skills.

Material sauna kits in more depth As their name implies, sauna kits are a collection of materials that enable a space to be turned into a sauna.

Material sauna kits provide all the materials required to set up a space and include bench seating, towel racks, and a sauna stove (with rocks if desired). Products are mainly forest, and ideal for many forests. The stove or heater may be powered with coal, a wood burning, or electric power commonly (in home saunas).