Hair Removal Basics

Hair removal is part of making one self clean. Whether man or woman, nobody wants to have hairs on head, foot, arm pits and nose. Thus people prefer to go for different items or methods for hair removal. For different reasons, people like to do hair removal, some do it to improve appearance, some do it for hygienic purposes and some do it before athletic and sporting events. Unwanted hair can now be removed from any part of the body, as various hair removal products are available either natural or chemical. Generally hair is removed from the neck, arms and legs in the genital or pubic region for cosmetic reason, and arm pits are removed for hygienic reason. Sportsmen or athletes tend to strip off their chest and body hair.Have a look at page for more info on this.

Tools for hair removal are temporary and permanent. The most popular form of temporary shaving is. The advantage of shaving is that many people allover the world do it and you don’t have to rely on another person to get it done. This takes less time, and is one of the cheapest methods. The downside of this approach is the shaving-cuts and burns. The shaving impact will last only for two days. Tweezing is is temporary hair removal tool will produce results that can last three to five weeks. This procedure is widely used to extract eyebrow hair and eye brows from the upper lip. The disadvantages are the discomfort and the time taken to work. Sometimes, they can cause incubated hair which is very painful.

Waxing is another process used to remove unwanted hair from your body. Waxing is useful if hair is to be removed from large areas such as the hands, back and arms. It is less time consuming because it can extract a large number of hairs at a time. This is a painful operation, and can cause skin irritation and redness, so have this done by an experienced person alone. Waxing can produce long term results; it can normally inhibit hair growth for three to six weeks. Depilatory creams are very effective in removing hair from the legs of the neck, etc. They can quickly extract hair with the result that it can be used by itself. The effect of creams that remove hair will last up to two weeks.

The permanent hair removal methods are electrolysis, and removal of laser hair. Through electrolysis an electrical current is used too to kill hair root to prevent hair growth. Electrolysis is extremely time-consuming and very costly but it is the most successful method to avoid excessive growth of hair. The electrolysis results can last for a year. Electrolysis can only be performed by anyone educated. The downside of this method is the cost, and one has to do more than one sitting to get complete impact. This removes hair one by one and is time consuming, so electrolysis can not be used to remove large quantities of hair.