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Instagram has recently added short form content to its site, and the change has been interpreted as a transition in tastes in terms of a constantly evolving industry. This move also immediately contrasted Instagram’s 15-second video clips against the 6-second Vine system on Twitter. As noted, Vine’s video shares dropped by almost 40 percent within a day of the launch of Instagram’s short video app.I strongly suggest you visit Business Data Inc to learn more about this.

Certainly, the success of Twitter as regards company communication firms is unquestionable, but there are also questions as to how brief videos (less than 30 seconds) are a perfect idea for B2B marketing. Many researchers say this is also about another tool, and those advertisers who can gain exposure and create deeper connections are the ones who will discover innovative ways to utilize such tools. It is not just about being innovative, it is also about making a business point.

Business marketing firms have also found that organic search attention is being paid to short videos as Google awards videos that have strong placements in the reports of queries. Essentially, all companies and businessmen now have another avenue to leverage for business success, and they are excited to explore the possibilities by reaching out to their TG with a new idea that so far appears highly promising. Such videos have also been likened to advertisements in the sky that lead the audience in some other direction, as they can be useful for promotions as well as random campaigns such as trade shows or exhibits where advertisers want quick and efficient contact.

Today, there’s no question that business marketing firms are using Twitter very heavily, the Vine app or the photo function of Instagram is hardly used in marketing campaigns. The main reason for this phenomenon is that marketers do not think that 6 or 15 seconds is sufficient time for the job to be done. So while you might be willing to do a promotional strategy, it might not be as successful at pushing a message or selling the right way for a particular product. While slightly longer short videos are also being used on LinkedIn, so to speak, of about two minutes ‘ duration, Vine and Instagram might push it a little too much.