Fleet Repair- An Intro

Business owners who possess a large fleet of vehicles that require body repairs and regular maintenance may find it difficult to locate a high quality shop that is capable of fulfilling the tasks that their businesses require. To make the task of looking for a shop to help maintain your business’s fleet of vehicles, we have compiled this list of tips and guidelines:

Fleet Tracking
One of the things that you will want to initially look for in a fleet maintenance company, is one that will keep detailed repair and maintenance records for each vehicle in your fleet. This information helps both you and your service company identify vehicles that require more repairs and maintenance than others in your fleet. This information is also invaluable when you are making decisions about fleet rotation and when to completely retire and replace a vehicle. Have a look at Fleet Repair.

Scheduled Maintenance
As the owner of a fleet, you probably already know that keeping all of your vehicles in good working order is the key to success. A quality fleet maintenance shop will work closely with you to established regular scheduled maintenance routines and repairs for each vehicle in your fleet. Doing this ensures that at any given time, you should have the vehicle you need and that it will be in good working order. Upkeep is important in any business endeavor, and owning a fleet of vehicles is no different.

Progressive Repairs
Most fleets would prefer to schedule any necessary repairs such as brake inspections, tune-ups, and any cooling-related repairs on a progressive repair schedule as opposed to waiting for a break down maintenance issue to occur. This tactic not only lessens the amount of down time for the vehicle and company, but it also has the potential to save business owners money by taking care of any issues and not waiting for a more severe mechanical failure. Many times, by the time a driver notices any problems, damage may have already been done. And, of course, if a break down is going to occur, it will inevitably occur at the worst possible moment for your company. It can be avoided by knowing your stuff and hiring the right shop!

Quarterly Safety Inspections
Quarterly safety inspections are a very valuable and necessary service to businesses that want to shield themselves from any unpleasant liability and keep their fleets on the road. A good service and repair shop will perform this inspection service on your entire fleet on a rotating and alternating schedule. All major mechanical systems should be inspected, as well as, all safety-related parts and systems. Individual inspection reports should be made on each vehicle and kept on file for tracking purposes. Any necessary repairs can then be scheduled at the earliest convenience of the fleet manager.

Repair Cost Analysis
When major repairs are necessary, many shops only offer their clients the option of repairing the vehicle. However, in a commercial fleet situation, repairing a vehicle may not always be the best solution. Whether or not to repair or retire a vehicle should always be considered when faced with major damage and massive repairs. A quality shop will work closely with a fleet manager to determine the most cost-effective solution while considering all the factors that are important to the owner/manager.