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Putting yourself behind the wheels can be fatal as you put yourself in line for death, particularly after getting drunk or on drugs. There are several research and reports that have shown that people that are under the influence of alcohol and drugs are five times more likely than those who are not to cause fatal car accidents and die.Checkout CBD American Shaman Coppell for more info.

Is this not surprising? You are likely to find out that people actually forget where they are and what they did at the time of the accident if you check out the epidemiology of accident events. Their state of mind is derailed and they get intoxicated by emotions. According to research performed by the Columbia University of Public Health, it was found that the highest risks of causing road accidents are for drunken drivers.

Among the two sets of data collected by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator) who reported the 2007 road accident survey, it was found that the majority of people were under the influence of alcohol and drugs when their car crashed. Around 45.4% of people were tested positive for prescription drugs and alcohol intake with respect to those people who were not on non-alcoholic substances. This is accompanied by individuals who use opioids, stimulants, cannabis, etc.

For most doctors and traffic officials, this was a great concern. Drug contact with alcohol has placed extensive pressure on individuals who have to promote safe driving. Most of them believe that alcohol-impaired driving is one of the biggest risks to road safety, and such drug driving results are very obvious as the availability of prescription opioids and stimulants has increased dramatically over a decade.

Statistics have shown that about 35-40 individuals die every day from alcohol-influenced driving, which is about one death every 48 minutes. The initial statistics may be troubling, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). The legalisation of marijuana is adding fuel to the flames. This has gained tremendous traction in the United States and the possession and selling of the drug for recreational and medical use has been approved by states such as Washington and Colorado.