Desert Horizon Palm Tree Nursery

Most residents tend to do a great job of landscaping the yards. Landscaping is no question costly. And tiny shrubs will easily add up. If you think about it, the expense of growing a shrub, delivering a shrub, and finally bringing a shrub to the garden center for sale is not that exorbitant. There are a number of procedures and costs along the way not to say that you may have any damage that the existing plants that are harvested may have to compensate. This is what defines the plant’s quality along with all the other costs of doing business. Have a look at Desert Horizon Nursery.

There’s a way you can remove a lot of the expense and you can produce the plants you like with virtually no money, with only a bit of effort. I realize this may sound like you need a great deal of expertise or a greenhouse or other facilities. The truth is that an ordinary individual will learn to spread plants almost without any cost. Most shrubs can be developed by taking six inch cuttings and dipping them into a rooting hormone then sticking them in potting mix and waiting for mother nature to take her path. Looks pretty easy huh? Okay, I will explain the method below almost as plain as that.

To get going in you may need to create a rooting chamber for the cuttings but it’s simple and not too costly. To get going you will need 4 items that can be picked up really easily at the nearest dollar store.

A transparent, deep dishpan storage bin A 4 “to 6” that the storage bin will rest in when flipped upside down to look up like a dome top.

One can spray white paint.

A sheet of masking tape 1 “long. course sand. To get going you’ll need to transform the plastic dishpan upside down and drill the drain holes in the bottom making sure you drill sufficiently over the whole surface region to allow water to flow out of the course sand. Fill the container with flowing sand and put aside. You’ll wind up with 4 5 or 6 strings, depending on the jar type. Now run one strip of masking tape across all four sides at the bottom of the container and faces you with the container still upside down. Just literally spray with the white spray paint the whole out side of the case. When the masking tape is dried cut and you should have a 1′ long transparent band across the edge of the package with 4 5 or 6 white strips at the edges. These transparent parts would encourage you to root the cuttings only the correct amount of light in the box so you will be able to see the condensation on the box without scraping it. That you did it and now you’ve got a rooting room.