Connecticut Bail Bonds Group – Some Insight

Bail agents know there’s a very high likelihood of arresting some of their customers more than once in their lifetime. In reality, within three years of their release, more than 67 per cent of the nation’s jail population would be rearrested. Which suggests these individuals might eventually become frequent customers. Therefore, staying in contact with the existing customers right after the conviction makes sense. The usage of social networking and other cheap or free networking resources allows it simpler than ever to hold the client base tight. Have a look at Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

  1. Business cards: contact details which they should bear

Perhaps the most effective way you can stay in contact with your clients is by utilizing your business card. Having business cards printed is not expensive for bail agents, and professional looking business cards can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

  1. Snail mail: Postcards, brochures and cards

Mailing postcards to your consumers is an easy way to send them your contact data. Mailing brochures can be a little more costly, but they provide more room to exchange company details with the clients. You should give it out with a daily shipment to any of the consumers at once. Consider: For a more personal touch.

Anniversary Cards

Vacation Cards

“Well done on your sentencing cards”

Recall cards for sentence day

  1. Build a default email list

Please e-mail your customers several times a year to remind them of your services and build lasting relationships. Within these emails, offering tips, advice or other interesting information (for example, the schedule for the local football team) encourages your clients to keep reading your emails regularly.

  1. Social networking pages: building customer-friendships

You will build accounts for your company and keep connected to your clients online using Facebook , Twitter and MySpace. You can easily set up those profiles online yourself. However, once you’ve developed social networking, keeping on top of that is crucial. If you don’t regularly use twitter, or you don’t include interesting news about your company or timely events, then you may not attract a lot of followers. Also consider working with a specialist in social networking or marketing to learn more about improving your profiles and maximizing their efficiency.