Concierge Medicine – Another Option For Primary Care Practices

Today, concierge medication was again in the headlines. Concierge medicine is not yet a common phenomenon, but as primary care doctors find it increasingly difficult to provide their patients with attentive care and preserve a worthwhile lifestyle at the same time, it has been growing in popularity. It operates as follows for those unfamiliar with the idea of concierge medicine: doctors charge each patient an annual retainer. The fees vary, but a widely quoted range tends to be $1000-3500/yr. The patient gets 24/7/365 access to the practise via email, mobile phone, etc. in exchange for this. Without pause, they obtain on-time appointments, and appointments are not the usual 10-minute one too prevalent today for hurried primary care practises. Get the facts about Concierge Medicine-HealthSmart M.D.
Not surprisingly, concierge medicine has created controversy as to whether for patients who are unable to afford the retainers this method is ‘fair’. It must also be emphasised that concierge medicine is not insurance. That is, most health care, such as hospitalizations, surgery, medical imaging, etc., will also be the responsibility of patients. In order to be fully insured, concierge patients need to keep their daily health insurance.
One line of attack against concierge medicine is that it functions as an insurance type, and concierge practises operate as an unlicensed insurance company in reality. To be sure how this will work out, it is still too early, but these claims ignore the overarching point demonstrated by the trend in concierge medicine.
Is healthcare a basic right? Or is it a service that practitioners provide with fees set by market forces? If it is the former, then it makes sense for those unable to afford private insurance to have a public health system, or a private system with a foolproof’ safety net If it is the latter, concierge medicine represents a primary care initiative by the private sector to deliver this service in a way that makes more sense than the existing system does.