Clarifying Major Details in Sanitizing Natural Stone

Faults created when installing marble counter tops will ruin the whole look and sometimes even your expensive marble slab or marble tile. It’s easier to learn those mistakes to stop. Learn about the technicality involved in installing marble counter tops to avoid mistakes, too. More details for marble counters.

Marble is a porous but heavy stone so it needs care while it is being handled and installed. To cut, install and repair marble special tools and well-experienced hands are needed. But if you’re a novice, price should never be sacrificed because it will benefit you in the long run.

Things to remember while marble counter tops are installed. Do not adequately prepare surface before deployment. This is necessary to plan the surface level, because it is very difficult to level the surface after the marble has been mounted.

Marble tiles are placed on concrete surfaces and hard ones. Until installation, always clean the floor, as any dust or dirt can lead to lose marble counter tops. Never place large marble tiles on one side of the top of the counter and smaller tiles on the other as they don’t look balanced. Beginners are not expected to glue tiles onto the board. Pay due attention when cutting the marble to counter top as most breaking happens during this. Marble is an expensive stone which is not accessible too much splitting. The issue that is seen frequently is also the cutting of wrong size marble. But take careful measurements before cutting and even buying to prevent this error.

Leave the grout as is for strength for at least one day after installation. Buy thicker marble tiles or slabs, because they are less likely to crack during transport and installation. The counter tops are usually expected to have a thickness of three-fourths of an inch to one and a half inches, but you can also go for more thickness for better performance.

Remove all existing tiles and fittings before adding. Check whether or not cabling and plumbing has been done properly in your kitchen. The septic tank must be correctly designed to prevent any complications that might occur during construction of marbles.