Choosing the Right Newell Strength

Mile after mile, the intense pounding experienced causes a degree of microtrauma to the tissues that absorb shock. These tissues recover fully within a 24-hour cycle under optimal conditions. There are however, several factors that may interfere with normal processes of healing, ultimately resulting in tissues that are damaged and vulnerable to injury. These variables include longer training sessions, quicker running paces, shorter exercise recovery periods, more downhill running, more hard-surface running, more racing, more general exhaustion, and undesirable shifts in habits of eating or sleeping. Feel free to visit their website at Newell Strength for more details.

Of course, steps to minimise the amount of tissue damage and reduce the chance of running-related accidents can be taken wisely. These precautions include increasing training distances and speeds very gradually, taking appropriate recovery periods (especially between hard training sessions), choosing user-friendly running courses (soft surfaces and level terrain), participating in fewer races, avoiding unnecessary exhaustion, and paying close attention to proper nutrition and sleep.

However, creating stronger muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments and bones is one of the most powerful ways of mitigating tissue trauma. This is the key reason why any runner should do routine strength training. Consider the outcomes of our four-year strength training initiative with cross-country and track teams for girls from Notre Dame High School.

High School Strength Training Program for Notre Dame

For four consecutive years, during the summer and winter months between their cross-country and track seasons, 30 distance runners from Notre Dame High School engaged in a basic and brief strength training programme. They performed 30 minutes of strength exercise every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (12 Nautilus machines) that discussed all of their major muscle groups. The cross-country team has won both the Massachusetts and New England championships in this sport each of these years. More importantly, only one girl suffered an injury that resulted in a missed practise session or meeting during the four years that they did strength training.