Choosing A House Painting Contractor

House painting contractors are everywhere and they’re all trying to paint your house! So, how do we know which paint contractor to choose to trust, will be doing a great job, not overcharging? Due to lack of work in their particular trade, many contractors of different trades have changed their trade in recent years and decided to become paint contractors since it is a trade where there will always be work. The problem is, without the proper experience, they want to become a house painter and then bid the job only to get work. The homeowner gets a cheap paint job with cheap paint, which at the moment looks good but not the consistency of the work that will give the owners a long-lasting look.Do you want to learn more? Visit Painting Company.

The easiest way to find a home painter doing a decent job and using decent paint is to meet with a nearby paint store and get references. Do your due diligence and paint test lines to assess the consistency of the paint you plan to use. I’ll use the PPG Porter Paints as an example. PPG is a leading coating producer, which has some of the finest coatings and paints available. Silken Touch comes with all available sheens, has a lifetime warranty, is very well sealed, brushes up well and is very washable. I go to the local Porter Paint store to talk to the staff when I select a house painter, and get recommendations on who I should use. They give me three different painting contractors contacts that they would use in their own home and they made recommendations on which paint to use, which I chose the Silken Touch.

Once I have the names, then I call all three to meet at home and set the appointments. On the whole process, I qualify them as to how quickly they make themselves available, how timely they are and how courteous they are to my needs. Listening to my desires, and answering questions? Do they speak about paints of consistency and how long they’ve been in the business. Check and ensure they are insured and bonded. I apply each contractor, see how similar each other’s bid prices are and then pick the house painter I want to use. After testing, I’ve already decided the paint I want to use in my home, so I’ll advise them on the paint and brand, and make sure it’s written in the painting deal. I found that the workers at the paint shop will always recommend professional painting contractors that you can trust and that they have already worked for me in the past. Five years after being finished, when I sold my home, there was very little touchup and the paint job still looked perfect as I used paint of the highest quality.