CBD – Is It For You?

A prescription for cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is believed to be an effective anti-epileptic drug. CBD does not contain any trace of tetrahydrocanthanol (THC). The typical CBD formula is oil only, however CBD can also be sold as a capsule, a vaporized gel and an oral supplement. Most products that contain CBD are used by adults who suffer from epilepsy or anxiety disorders. CBD also has no known side effects.Learn more about us at 67 American Shaman

In clinical trials, CBD was shown to reduce convulsions in patients suffering from epilepsy. CBD was also found to relieve stress, enhance mood, reduce abdominal pain, help with sleep and increase energy levels. Some of the side effects reported by patients who have taken CBD include irritability, restlessness and anxiety, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and headaches. It is important to remember that CBD does not cause addiction. People using CBD as a treatment should not exceed the recommended dose or take the medicine in larger doses.

Although there is no doubt that CBD has many positive benefits, medical research is still ongoing. There is little scientific information available about CBD. As a result, the health care industry continues to rely on testimonials to determine if CBD works. However, anecdotal evidence is not conclusive, as it cannot prove that a product works. Medical professionals who prescribe CBD must know the proper dosage and should be fully aware of its potential side effects.