Breast Surgery – A Closer Look

Every year breast surgery is growing increasingly common and this will not come as a shock. If your breasts are too low, have lost their firmness since childbirth or have become saggy due to weight loss, several different plastic surgery procedures are possible to help you attain the perfect breast size and form.Do you want to learn more? Visit Rodney C Biggs MD PC.

Breast surgery- an outline Breast surgery is an appropriate choice for people whose bosoms do not suit their bodies. When your skin grows older your skin lacks elasticity. This obviously renders the breasts saggy, unattractive and less young looking. Today, many women around the world are contemplating raising, uplifting or otherwise improving their boob size.

If you are among them, be confident that a surgical protocol is in position to satisfy your particular needs.

Via different forms of cosmetic / plastic surgery the perfect size and form of the bosom and everything else relevant to the look of women’s breasts can be attained.

Types Essentially there are four main forms of breast surgery-Raise, That, Uplift and Rebuild.

Breast augmentation Also known as enlargement procedure or mammaplasty augmentation, breast augmentation is a medical operation intended to raise the size of a woman’s chest by inserting implants surgically between the breasts.

Breast reduction This form of operation may help people with too large and heavy breasts. The significantly bigger boobs can induce various physical discomforts, such as backache, pain in the arm and pain in the heart. Breast reduction operation or mammaplasty reduction is undertaken to decrease their thickness in order to obtain a breast size proportionate to the body. The reduction of mammaplasty requires 2-3.5 hours to soothe the physical pain involved with excessively big breasts.

Breast lift Women who have saggy breasts or who have lost their breast form and color, typically after maternity and breastfeeding and weight loss, opt for breast lifting. Often known as mastopexy, the procedure is performed by raising the drooping breasts and rendering them firmer, to achieve a larger chest.

Breast reconstruction Procedure for breast reconstruction simply implies restoration of a woman’s bosom. The reconstructive operation is an choice for women who have had breast cancer extracted. A cosmetic surgeon aims to return the injured breast to near natural type, scale and presentation after mastectomy using multiple plastic surgery techniques. The goal of the operation is also to restore symmetry between the two breasts.