Begin A Yoga Class

The term ‘yoga’ means ‘unity’ – uniting any part of ourselves – so that we can experience harmony inside. Celebrities include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston, Meg Ryan and Cameron Diaz swear by yoga to help them relax, reduce weight or avoid smoking.

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Secondly, remind yourself why you want to launch a yoga class. Do you want to put down stress? Toning up and getting super-fit? Banish pain in the back or neck? Calm your mind? Check your own inner wisdom? Be completely frank with yourself, because these questions help you find the best style for your kind.

Choose the correct yoga school There are hundreds of yoga types around, so there are various benefits to each. Many (such as Astanga vinyasa yoga) are very physically taxing, some are performed in a warm environment (Bikram yoga), while some rely on gentler, calming (Dru Yoga) or contemplation and chanting (Kundalini) motions. Some are traditional hatha yoga classes which are expected to be relatively gentle and available for most types of fitness.

Get to know the instructor. Plan to see the yoga teacher and address your expectations until you agree to a period of yoga lessons. Ask questions too-verify whether they are certified for an approved yoga school or an foreign organization such as the Yoga Alliance. Check what their health mentality is, because many people get hurt every year from unnecessary sweating or straining because they have not thoroughly trained themselves. Will the instructor give some body adjustments and contra-indications? Are they having sufficiently warm-ups and cool-downs? Is there a proper time of relaxation at the end of class (savasana)?

Choose a place that works for you When you go to your yoga lesson, rain or snow, then pick a practical venue. In early September, I saw so many students attending classes eagerly, only to realize that when the long, dark nights set in, it’s just too far away. Some citizens are able to drive for an hour to meet a instructor they want but it is best for many to take a class in their village hall.

Choose the correct supplies You’ll need a yoga mat and lightweight shoes, as well as a glass of water for certain lessons. Some lively classes requires a towel (to mop up all the sweat!) and others invite you to hold a pillow or shawl to rest or meditate on. You certainly don’t need to run out and get all the supplies for your first lesson-speak to your yoga instructor and she will guide you about what’s required. Many instructors have extra mats to lend to new students-it will support once you have dedicated yourself.

Making time to exercise at home A routine home yoga session is much better than taking a yoga class once a week. On the yoga retreats that I teach in Wales, I still recommend having a peaceful spot at home and doing only ten minutes of yoga and meditation every day to maintain the wonderful glow of ‘feel-good’ post-yoga session! There are loads of yoga Videos and books available that can assist with your home workout, or you can apply to an online yoga program, such as the Dru Virtual Class.