Bail Bonds – Factors To Consider

They are brought into custody as soon as a person is arrested. They’ll see a judge shortly. The judge is to determine and set the amount of the Bail or Bond. The person will have to come up with ten per cent of the total bond in order to be released from jail. How long are you going to be in Jail? That hinges on the crime you have committed. If your offences have been very serious, the judge might want to hold you in custody before the court is over. Bail is essentially a bribe that the judge owes you to make sure you turn up for judge days. Only the ten percent of the overall bond you would need to come up with. Often it’s specific from state to state but generally it’s ten per cent going average. If you show up for court, you’ll be given the ten percent back, -Pretrial Release Program.

If you don’t turn up to trial, you’ll be taking the rent. There are so many bond companies out there that trying to make a decision between them all can be hard. Looking at the Yellow Pages phone book, you will locate a respectable bondsman. You can also get luck by checking the Internet for reputable bail bond services in your town or area. Make sure you meet any prospective bondman before signing any contracts with them.

This is a really critical step, which can not be taken lightly. One can use only an authorised bond agent. Agencies need to renew their licenses once a year before you agree to use them, so make sure all their licenses are in order. Make sure the company charges you lawful rates only. These bond companies can sometimes be quite shady, so do your research and know what you are getting into.