Audrey Christou LED Light Therapy  For Acne Treatment is a Natural Way to Improve Your Skin

LED light therapy has been a quite common acne care method. Acne is a skin disease that affects 85 per cent of individuals aged 12 to 24. A number of various methods have been used over the years to cure this skin disease.Have a look at Audrey Christou – Facial Spa for more info on this.

Already, 90 per cent of consumers have reported excellent success in the application of LED light therapy. You may wonder what sorts of instruments are used with this form of skin therapy. Three specific methods to be used for this method of care can be listed in this article.

The Ageless Beauty Marvel Mini is the first tool which can be used in LED light therapy care. This is one of the more common products for light therapy which will cost around $225. This is so successful when it comes to curing acne that it sells out very fast in online cosmetics shops. With some work still it is possible to find this tool.

This system incorporates illumination from blue LEDs. This system may also be used for skin disorders which are anti-agingand hyperpigmentation. Baby Quasar is the second system which is being used. This system is used for treating moderate to extreme acne situations. It’ll save you about $349. It is advised that the Baby Quasar incorporate the usage of blue and red LED light for therapy session.

Tanda Skilled Skin Care Program is the third tool that can be used. It is the most expensive but still the strongest of the three units. It will be priced $395.00. One of the device’s characteristics is that it has two compatible parts. One of these devices is for the diagnosis of blue light, and the other for colour. The blue light is for destroying the acne-causing bacteria while the red is more about curing the head.

All you need to do while doing this LED light therapy is turn the lamp on and let it shine on your skin for 3 to 4 minutes at a time. It’s not a laser or UV light so it won’t damage the face. With this treatment there is no need to take any sort of medications and it is 100 percent normal.

After you’ve used the drug for only a couple days, you’ll start seeing a drastic improvement in the acne. If you suffer from this sort of skin disorder, you may like to get this form of treatment tested.