Asbestos Awareness Can Save Your Health

If you live or work in a building constructed before the 1980s, there is a fair chance that you will currently be at risk of exposure to asbestos. This is not healthy, and you will want some precautions to be taken. A little knowledge about asbestos awareness will go a long way towards making your community better for you. A good idea for everyone is to understand the dangers and safeguards in this area. Here is the original site.

In several aspects of pre-1980 building construction, asbestos was freely used until it was then found to be a toxic substance and essentially curtailed. When used in different building applications, it has many advantages. It is lightweight, fireproof, efficient and non-conductive as well. It has been commonly used in ceilings, floors , walls and, in particular, in pipe insulation, duct work and heating installations.

It has one key disadvantage, considering all the advantages brought to the table by asbestos. It’s a confirmed carcinogen. When they get older, people with long-term exposure to asbestos have a high risk of developing severe lung problems. This covers cancer.

Proper education on the hazards of asbestos and the measures required to ensure easy acquisition of your protection. It consists of understanding what places are likely to be a danger in your home or office and how to fix the current situation. In certain situations, without disrupting it, the solution is to just leave the substance in place. The asbestos would need to be removed in other situations, which is a very specialised process. In working with this particular hazardous material, workers handling asbestos are expected to be properly qualified and certified.

In the workplace, engineering and custodial workers face many risks, but most of these are noticeable and very apparent. Mechanical, electrical and chemical risks are all regularly dealt with and daily maintenance schedules are assigned. However, asbestos is the ‘silent killer’ and is frequently present without warning or even awareness of its existence by people. Asbestos exposure signs are not immediate and can even take decades to materialise, but they can be deadly once present. Here’s the reason.

A mineral or rock is asbestos. Yet asbestos breaks down into small fibres, unlike other rocks that are reduced to grains, almost like sand, when pulverised. These fibres, like short thread strands, are so short that they can only be seen through a microscope. And, since the strands are so small and light, they are quickly suspended in the air and breathed into the lungs afterwards.

Asbestos is typically present above some older drop ceilings and has been used extensively during construction for soundproofing various surfaces. There is a need to classify and isolate asbestos containing products (ACM’s). Areas that still contain asbestos, such as boiler rooms or HVAC closets, should be labelled as a possible threat and prohibited access to these areas.