An Introduction Of Executive Search Firms

It is important for your long-term success that you maintain a good executive search firm to find executive candidates for your company. Hire a poor executive and it sets you back months, if not years, and it’s bad for your team’s morale. Hire a star actor and they can do wonders for your company. Do you want to learn more? Visit Executive Search Firms.

It’s a good idea to do some homework, before you start looking. Make a list of key performance indicators ( KPI) with clear deadlines first. This is a list of things you expect the candidate to accomplish on the job. For example, if you want the new hire to open up your product to the European market, you ‘d write, “Open Eastern Europe for widget x, making it accessible to at least 45 percent of the population — 12 months.” The KPI list should span at least two to three years.

Next create a description of the position. It will describe job material, business vision, history, past success, applicant experience, ideal qualities and style of work. Add any other factors that may help markete the position effectively. You will also be helped by a professional search firm to refine the job description but this will be a good starting point. Combining the KPI list and job description is probably a better way to explain the position than merely a list of duties with a bullet point. KPI list also helps candidates to more accurately visualize the job and connect it to their past experience and future aspirations.

You are now prepared to try out executive recruitment firms. First step is to look up and make a list of a few search firms on the internet at places like B2B marketplaces, yellow pages and Google. Seek feedback from your business associates too. It’s important to look for companies with industry , job position or geographic area expertise. Share a few companies with the KPI list and job description, and see their response. Expect some of them to quit if they don’t have to support you with the candidates or skills.

Having reduced your list to three or four executive search firms, it’s time to understand their search process and feel comfortable with the staff. They should give you a document which explains the process of searching. Request that they also have details about a related search that was completed.

Ask the Senior Consultant and her team to speak. Understand the search process including the search fees, if any, expected out of pocket and other costs. Seek to gage their professionalism, attitude and character. Is the Ethical, Enthusiastic, Professional and Well Experienced Search Consultant? Ask yourself if you’d like to talk to those consultants if you were looking for a similar position? Many executive search firms have organizations off-limits. If you are thinking of any target organizations, make sure they ‘re not on their off-limit list.

In order to predict their future success it is important to ask the candidate the right questions. Tell the agency to show you their assessment strategies for candidates. Ideally they should have a numerical rating approach in order to determine the degree of match with the key needs. References are critical in the search process, and should be checked shortly after the first screen by the search firm. The technical background check which confirms the academic and work credentials is also significant.

Tell about company’s success rate. How long have the applicants recruited served on their current positions? You need a candidate who is not only a good match for the job description but also one who sticks to deliver for long enough. Finally , ask the search firm to speak with a couple of satisfied clients.