An Introduction To Durian Mooncake

In the Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes played a key part. The circular shape of mooncakes to the Chinese symbolizes family harmony.

Each mooncake is around the size of a human palm and is a kind of pie around 10 cm wide and 4 cm high.Check out durian mooncake for more info.

There are several different types of moon-shaped pastries which will suck away your breath. There are all-time favorite pastries like freshly made walnut mooncakes, the typical lotus or white lotus paste mooncakes with the finest ingredients and cooked to a golden brown mouth-watering hue. Perhaps you won’t just want to quit at one piece.

In addition to the aforementioned traditional options, snowskin mooncakes can be enjoyed in a range of different flavors, including jasmine, espresso chocolate truffles and liqueur-filled chocolate truffles, for those searching for a fresh version. When you get your hands on them it would be hard to fight the lure!

Any of the hotels do come from the ultra-premium snowskin bird’s nest mooncake with ginseng, pearl powder and egg white custard for eight bits at a price over a thousand dollars!

Through this time , various Mooncake Fairs will be organized, where you can pick from renowned restaurants and hotels a mouthwatering range of mooncakes.

Some mooncakes may be pre-ordered as presents to one’s loves, company partners or even indulge in!

The look of the mooncake packaging has become a deciding factor particularly for those who purchase it as consumer or family gifts. Many of the packages for mooncakes are really elegant you do not want to throw them out. Not only are some of them stunning but they are also practical. Others can be reused to store in them tiny things like jewellery and watches.