A Listing of Maui Snorkeling

Snorkelling or sightseeing underwater is becoming widely common. The gear includes a mask, fins and a short tube called as snorkel, much like the scuba gear. Snorkeling takes place just below the surface of still water bodies, like lagoons, where flowing water would not touch the snorkel. Checkout Maui Snorkeling for more info. Now several water resorts offer snorkelling as an extra attraction.

Snorkelling has gained prominence mostly because it opens up a whole new underwater environment for sightseeing. People are drawn to the many colourful fishes, mollusks, kelps, jellyfishes, rays and even algae and seaweed that they can touch and feel. Connect to this the fact that there are more marine creatures than on land, that most people have not seen before.

Cannot fully describe snorkelling as an adventure sport. It’s not like water rafting or jumping bungee, but it brings great excitement. And the sport that comes closest to it — scuba diving — is different, since scuba diving is performed in deep waters, so gear is lighter and more comfortable — it doesn’t have to withstand tremendous pressure. You can enjoy snorkelling at any age-you just need to know how to swim.

To enjoy snorkelling to its fullest coaches, however, advise divers to brace for hazards such as mask (or snorkel) flooding, ear canal pressure forming, poor visibility under water due to silting, etc. Snorkelling has many risks. Owing to contact with coral, people were known to emerge from water with cuts on their hands and legs. Some sea urchins may also inject venomous spines into novice plungers. And there’s some eel, which can bite. And these risks are not dampening the snorkelers’ spirits.

Snorkeling destinations, such as the Caribbean, Hawaiian Islands and the Galapagos Islands, are scattered all over the world, anywhere the water is calm and rich in sea life. Night snorkelling is becoming more common because it is possible to observe different nocturnal marine lives. For nocturnal snorkelling, a powerful underwater torch is used, with a chemical light wrapped around the diver’s waist to alert vessels.

Shops that sell diving equipment on the coasts often typically hold snorkelling expeditions and provide guides. Such expeditions are also given at a small fee by fishermen. Most travel packages include snorkelling to beach resorts.