A Guide to Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

Before considering the styling of one’s eyebrows, the most important factor is to ensure your eyebrow shade matches that of your hair, or a lighter shade. If you’re hairy initially, but you’ve dyed your hair blonde your eyebrows will miss-match perfectly, and vice-versa. If you fall into this category, the best thing to do is to control your eyebrow hue as required by either toning it down, or changing the hue to a lighter color. Checkout Eyebrow specialist for more info.

It’s a well-known fact that one’s eyebrows should be in full proportion to the face, because a well-formed, well-styled and well-kept set of eyebrows can boost and enhance the eyes and face’s overall look. So any make-up applied to the area of your eyes will highlight and draw attention to them, allowing your eyes to stand out from their natural beauty.

The best way to plug your eyebrows into the shape you want is by taking time and patience and plucking the eyebrow’s underside first as this will get rid of the entire set of stray hairs that have grown in this place. Many people choose to select from the top first and against natural hair growth, but that will fully defeat the purpose of a stylish eyebrow because if you start from the top you will lose the normal shape of the curve that occurs and risk damaging the eyebrow.

Eyebrow plucking can be really painful, as you all know children! Some love the novelty of the pain but at the thought others cringe. If you are like me and find the procedure a little painful and sore, try to take the edge off the plucking using a soothing gel or cream.

Above all, don’t do it in the first place if you are unsure. Having a professional can be easy, and will save you the trouble of doing it yourself if they have reached a point where you don’t know where to start. Eyebrow professionals can use a variety of techniques such as waxing, plucking and threading to extract the hair around the eyebrow.

Having visited a professional or succeeding in developing a look for yourself, keep your eyebrows in shape by simply clearing the hairs that grow back in odd areas, and you will be able to maintain the ideal collection of eyebrows.