A Guide to Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors

Let me offer anything to explain. These contractor’s referral services tend to paint contractors as “screening.” But, they appear to be “negligent at best” when it comes to screening for workers ‘ compensation benefits, one of the most crucial and vital areas of serious importance to any competent, legitimate painting business and, more importantly, to you, the consumer who hopes that the contractor referral service is “looking out for you.” We look out for you. Those contractors we “pre-screened” for you! “I know. It doesn’t sound cynical to me? But why don’t the contractor referral services test for such a” simple “thing as benefits for workers?

Across Illinois, it is law that when a painting contractor hires employees and makes them work at home, those employees are protected by workers ‘ compensation insurance, just in case a painter gets injured or dies when painting the home ‘s interior or exterior. Guess what. Painters get injured on jobs and more frequently than you would expect.You may find more information at Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors.

For fairness to any of these contractors, if a painter works for himself and on his own, he is not forced to bear workers’ compensation benefits for himself, but if he’s got a worker on the job, it’s a different ball game. Even though the painting company’s owner removes himself from his policy, he still needs to provide workers with coverage for his employee.

If you don’t think anyone could get injured with this one little job for you, then I recommend you do a little research online. Just do a Google search for “house painting deaths” or “house painting accidents.” It might surprise you. People get hurt with building and house renovations all the time. You can even narrow down your search to the Chicago area.

Perhaps there’s one contractor referral that scans for it, but I’ve personally NEVER seen a contractor referral company in the Chicago area screen workers compensation insurance painters. I’ve just seen them scan for liability insurance, litigation or judgments and a few other things. They seem to be more concerned with the following: Joe Dokes in Winnetka says”Hank and his brother and law we ‘re thinking about